Islam Berkemajuan

Summary of Islam Berkemajuan

The book of Islam Berkemajuan is written by Kyai Syuja’, the student of K.H. Ahmad Dahlan. It tells about the history of the struggle of KH. Ahmad Dahlan in founding Muhammadiyah at the beginning.

The child born in Kauman in 1869 was named Muhammad Darwisy, the fourth son of K.H. Abu Bakar and Siti Aminah. He was a kind and smart child, so his parents did love him since he was the one and onle the boy in the family. He was able to read al-Qur’an since he was eight years old. In 1889, he married Siti Walidah, a daughter of K.H. Muhammad Fadlil. Several months after his marriage, he had to go to Mekah to do the hajj for the first time. There, he changed his name became Haji Ahmad Dahlan. After coming back to his hometown, H.A. Dahlan usually taught his father’s students.

Eventually, he was called “Kyai”, and now he is known as K.H. Ahmad Dahlan. After the death of his father, K.H.A. Dahlan was appointed as his father’s successor to become Khatib namely Khatib Amin Haji Ahmad Dahlan.

One day, K.H.A. Dahlan found that the kiblat of mosques, especially in Java, did not exactly face the Ka’bah because most of them followed the street. He wanted to change it, but he knew that it would be very difficult to do since he would face so many ulama who did not understand about astronomy. Then he thought to hold discussion among the ulama to discuss the kiblat. Even though the discussion did not produce satisfying results, K.H.A. Dahlan kept satisfied with the discussion.

After doing the discussion, a big event occurred, where the floor of Masjid Besar Yogyakarta was lined shaping the shaff by the three youths who followed the discussion toward the Ka’bah. Besides, K.H.A Dahlan also built his surau which it faced toward the Ka’bah, but he got the instruction to break in the surau. He was so sad to hear, but he kept in mind not to break in his surau. Finally, after finishing doing shalat tarawih, there were ten laborers who asked to break in the surau. Knowing the situation in his surrounding, K.H.A. Dahlan decided to go outside Yogyakarta together with his wife. While waiting for the train, his sister, Nyai H. Shaleh, asked him to come back to his home and she promised to build the surau which had been destroyed. In some months, the surau was built, even though it did not face toward the Ka’bah. K.H.A. Dahlan lived his life as usual.

In 1903, K.H.A. went again to Mekkah to do the second hajj. There, he studied Fikih to some ulama, he also studied hadith, astonomy, and qiraat. After 18 months, he came back to his hometown to do his daily activities to teach. In 1907, K.H.A. Dahlan heard that there had been established a national association in Yogyakarta called Budi Utomo, which it had main goal to improve education. He was very interested, then he joined in the organization’s board member. By joining the association, he knew how to establish an association, how to manage the board members, etc. He also joined Budi Utomo by hoping that he could teach Islamic subject to the students of government schools.

Because of K.H.A. Dahlan’s spirit and desire to teach, then he opened Madrasah Ibtidaiyah in his own house, exactly in his living room. One day, there was a student of Kweekschool asked K.H.A. Dahlan about his school, he suggested K.H.A. Dahlan to establish an organization so that the school would keep living even though K.H.A. Dahlan died. From here, K.H.A. Dahlan had desire to establish an Islamic association. Then he discussed with Mas Budiharjo and Raden Dwijosewoyo from Budi Utomo to give their view about it. They agreed with the idea of K.H.A. Dahlan and they were ready to help him. There were some considerations given such as the board member, the name of association, the aims, the location which had to be in Yogyakarta, and there should be seven people to join in the member of Budi Utomo.

Then, K.H.A. Dahlan hold a meeting to discuss all the considerations. About the name, K.H.A. Dahlan had thought for a long time, that was Muhammadiyah. It is taken from the name of our prophet, Muhammad SAW. By taking the name of the last prophet, K.H.A. Dahlan hoped that Muhammadiyah will also become the Jamaah akhir zaman (association of the end of time). In addition, the seven men who will join the member of Budi Utomo were R. Haji Syarkawi, Haji Abdulgani, H.M. Syuja’, H.M. Hisyam, H.M. Fakhrudin, H.M. Tamim, and K.H.A. Dahlan himself, all were from Kauman.

After all the considerations had been prepared, including the aims and the composition of the board members of Muhammadiyah, those seven men sent the petition to the Dutch Government to establish Muhammadiyah. The Dutch Government then issued the decree through Budi Utomo that Muhammadiyah was legitimately became the association since November 18, 1912 Miladiah, coinciding with Zulhijah 8, 1330 Hijriah. From the advise of Raden Dwijosewoyo, the establishing of Muhammadiyah had better been proclaimed in Loodge Gebouw Malioboro on Saturday night at the last day of December 1912. K.H.A. Dahlan agreed with the advise and he prepared all of the preparation to welcome the historical day.

Muhammadiyah developed progressively, started by implementing pengajian malam Jum’at spreadheaded by H.M. Syuja’, H. Fakhrudin, H.M. Tamimuddari, M. Ahmad Badar, and H.M. Zaini Hasyim. Then, to spread dakwah Islam, Muhammadiyah developed four divisions as parts of Muhammadiyah: Education, Tabligh, Penolong Kesengsaraan Umum, and Library (Taman Pustaka). The development was also happened to the women by forming Sopo Tresno, where it becomes Aisyiyah until now. Furthermore, Muhammadiyah also formed Penolong Haji division which helped Indonesian people who did hajj in Mekah.

Since in the middle of 1992, K.H.A. Dahlan always felt unwell with his health. However, he kept trying to do his obligation as the leader of Muhammadiyah. Finally, on Friday night, 7 Rajab 1334 Hijriah, K.H.A. Dahlan died. Then, K.H. Ibrahim was appointed as interim chairman of Muhammadiyah.


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